The JICMAIL Accreditation Policy is designed to ensure that all users gain the maximum benefits from this data. All organisations are Accredited to JICMAIL and maintain that status through adherence to an Adoption Plan. Platinum Partner status is only awarded to those organisations who are exemplary in their use, application and advocacy of JICMAIL data. 

Our current list of Platinum Partners is here.

Hear from our Platinum Partners about the benefits of embedding JICMAIL in their businesses:

“As a Platinum Partner, there have been many benefits to us embedding JICMAIL in our planning process over the last 2 years. These include (but are not limited to): enabling us to make robust planning decisions based on data, highlighting opportunities to clients where they could be gaining an advantage versus their competitors and forecasting results more accurately. All of which have contributed to clients feeling confident in their use of mail channels and seeing improved campaign results. This in turn has led to greater spends across these channels and increased revenue for us as an agency.”
Clare Arndell, Head of Media Planning & Operations, Join the Dots
"Being associated with JICMAIL is important because, as a leading marketing performance partner, it’s essential we maintain strong relationships with leading bodies in our space so that we can gain the insight we need to serve our clients most effectively. Being a Platinum Partner is instrumental in helping us plan campaigns and make informed decisions, backed up by data, to give our clients maximum cut through. It helps us to reinforce the importance of the mail channel in a world that is making a digital transition, and to understand the role it plays in the modern marketing mix."
Anna Kotecka, Head of Postal Services, Go Inspire Group – a Xerox Company
"As an accredited agency that manages millions of pounds of client investment in direct mail, our strategic consultancy on the rationale for the medium of mail alongside the expertise of media planning and activation is highly regarded. Our Platinum Partner status further demonstrates our proficiency whether advising on questions of media value or the relative effectiveness of the channel. Our experience has consistently proven for clients that direct mail can be leveraged to successfully meet business objectives, especially so when co-ordinated with other channels in the media mix. "
Helen Rose, Managing Partner, the7stars
"Webmart are extremely proud of our JICMAIL Platinum Partner status. As a sustainable integrated marketing agency, we are proving on a daily basis that the most impressive results are achieved when marketing campaigns utilise all available channels together. Having access to the valuable insight available through JICMAIL regularly helps us champion the mail channel and makes the impact measurable, giving it real value as part of that integrated marketing mix. That’s why JICMAIL is now an integral part of our consultative conversations with customers."
Tom Oldershaw, Client Services Director, Webmart Ltd
“As experts in Direct Mail, we rely on accurate performance data to be able to compare the potential ROI of a campaign with other channels in the marketing mix. JICMAIL data has really filled a gap here, and has taken away most of the guesswork that used to occupy the space. The majority of our customer-facing team are JICMAIL certified and have embedded its use into our consultative conversations with clients. Becoming a JICMAIL Platinum Partner has been vital to the expert service we offer.”
Lesley Yeomans, Deputy Managing Director, Citipost Mail
"The Letterbox Consultancy takes great pride in its status as a JICMAIL Platinum Partner. The Platinum Partnership aligns with our position as a market leading door drop agency; one which uses the latest planning and analysis tools. JICMAIL data has become extremely valuable to us as a business, our clients and the wider door drop channel. Many of our clients - blue chip brands, media and ad agencies, local businesses - now rely on JICMAIL data supplied and interpreted by us; to help understand the true impact of their distribution, to look for planning and targeting opportunities, and to understand how their campaign performance compares with competitor activity. The JICMAIL package has helped shift perceptions of the door drop channel, and we are delighted to be considered such a key partner and to be able to help clients maximise the potential of the data available. We look forward to even more developments and improvements over the coming years, which JICMAIL have consistently delivered since its launch.
Neal Dodd, Managing Director, The Letterbox Consultancy

Platinum Organisational Accreditation is awarded to businesses who have demonstrated a level of proficiency with JICMAIL beyond its basic application which includes evidence of JICMAIL data being embedded into the advertiser, intermediary or agency L&D programs; evidence of JICMAIL data being embedded into the planning and/or reporting data ecosystem; and evidence that JICMAIL is being systematically used to retain or grow business. It requires evidence of the organisation adhering to industry best practice standards with respect to the levy, such as specifying the specific levy cost on plans/proposals or detailing the levy as a VAT exempt item on invoices with best practice process a key criteria. 

For agencies, intermediaries and sell-side organisations to be awarded platinum accreditation, they will be required to achieve a specific set of tasks as agreed in their adoption plans. For advertisers Platinum accreditation will be awarded on a discretionary basis as per the decision of the JICMAIL accreditation panel. This will be reviewed on an advertiser-by-advertiser basis once per year. 

Platinum Partner status is maintained through a refresh of the original requirements and additional information supplied to show adherence to the core principles.  

The deadline for entries for this year's Platinum Awards is 30th September 2024 for award in October 2024.

Full details of how to achieve Platinum Partner status and maintain this through an Annual Validation are published below.

For more details please get in touch.

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Platinum Accreditation Checklist for Advertisers

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JICMAIL Platinum Checklist for Mailing Houses Postal Operators and Distributors

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JICMAIL Platinum Checklist for Agencies

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The Platinum Accreditation Annual Validation for Mailing Houses and Postal Operators/Distributors

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The Platinum Accreditation Annual Validation for Agencies

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