JICMAIL has been shortlisted in the Mediatel Media Research Awards 2019 for Trade Body of the Year. This is excellent progress for a newly established JIC, which has taken mail measurement from guesswork to gold standard research data in under 12 months.

The award will recognise the trade body research team that has demonstrated continued excellence, innovation, business impact, or contribution to wider industry understanding of media. JICMAIL’s competition in this category is Newsworks and Thinkbox, both extremely strong contenders.

Outdated planning systems traditionally assume that one mail item has one impact in the home, yet JICMAIL’s mission is to contribute credible data to the argument that direct mail and door drops achieve significant reach and frequency comparable to other media. In conjunction with Kantar TNS and the media planning software bureaus IMS, Telmar and Choices, JICMAIL is now releasing quarterly data to the ad industry to enable reach and frequency planning across a number of mail types, industry sectors and target audiences.

JICMAIL has proven that mail items have a far greater impact than the “one” previously assumed. Direct Mail reaches 1.14 people per household on average – an additional reach of 14%, and has a frequency of exposure of 4.18 over a four-week period. Door Drops reach 1.04 people per household with a frequency of 2.77 on average.

Reach and frequency vary greatly by target audience and sector, but at the same time JICMAIL provides detailed planning information to support the case for mail throughout the purchase funnel, and through additional commercial actions tracked provides a far more rounded picture of not only exposure, but also mail response.

Media enquiries to be sent to Tara Pickles, tara@jicmail.org.uk

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