If you missed it, you can now watch the recording of JICMAIL at Adwanted's The Future of Brands, where we were part of The Great Measurement Debate. (l-r) Carl Bratton, Head of Marketing Effectiveness, Direct Line Group, Emma Scoular, Executive Director, Head of Effectiveness at Manning Gottlieb OMD and Ian Gibbs, Director of Data Leadership & Learning, JICMAIL.

During our panel session, we examined what good looks like and what's missing in current media measurement. With better measurement comes better marketing effectiveness but in today’s complex world we know that systematic full effect measurement over near and medium term is not easy.

Fit-for-purpose measurement frameworks that account for full exposure measurement across online and offline channels would appear to be an essential capability, but evidence suggests that over 40% of metrics used to measure campaign effectiveness are vanity metrics.

  • How should marketeers develop their measurement approach to continuously improve performance in this era of data overload and rising uncertainty?
  • How can they and their agencies practically close the gaps in best practice measurement?
  • What are the critical steps for 2023?

These aspects were discussed in our panel session.

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