JICMAIL has released a new improved version of its Discovery data platform. In partnership with DataTile, Discovery 3.0 offers users greater flexibility and advanced functionality to help harness the power of JICMAIL data in pitching, planning and measuring Mail and Door Drop campaigns even more seamlessly than before.

Watch the short video above to see a demonstration of the new improved functionality, including:

  • The ability to create customised target audiences using a combination of demographic, household and geodemographic variables.
  • Attention reporting to gauge the time spent with mail across key mail types, audiences and advertisers.
  • The ability to assess key commercial and physical actions, and the mail content drivers of each one by customised target audiences.
  • New mail journey charts with two different views according to user preference.
  • New improved competitor insight charts.
  • An Advanced Analytics function to enable users to analyse advertiser and mail item level data in industry-leading data analysis and cross-tabbing software. A video tutorial is below.
  • Improved system intelligence to remember the last data run that you performed.
  • Faster data load speeds.
  • Powerpoint chart download functionality, making it easier than ever to get JICMAIL data in to your pitches, proposals and presentations.

You will automatically be redirected to Discovery 3.0 when navigating from the main JICMAIL site, and you will be able to log in using your existing username and password.

If you require a training session on the new version of Discovery, or the new Advanced Analytics system, then get in touch with JICMAIL today.

Advanced Analytics Tutorial

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