Join JICMAIL at Adwanted's The Future of Media, where we are running a workshop 'How to showcase the value of your marketing investment.' This will be an interactive session, led by Ian Gibbs plus a leading brand and agency, where participants will come away with their own measurement framework.

In this 3.0 era of media, the imperative is to continuously improve the outcomes from the marketing investment. To do that, expertise in effectiveness supported by intelligent measurement frameworks become absolutely essential navigation.

But what does good look like? Where do attention measures fit in? And all too often, whilst we know what we should do, expediency throws out our best laid plans for a fuller picture of effect.

But best practice measurement using industry frameworks is not as complicated as it might sound.

In this session hosted by JICMAIL, we will showcase the building blocks for such a framework across all channels, both physical and digital, moving from campaign and brand metrics to business effects.

This will be led by Ian Gibbs, Data and Learning Director for JICMAIL, and supported by a leading client perspective who will take us through a campaign scenario. Then collectively, we will all participate in populating a best practice framework for this example, define a set of priority test and learns and complete the session with a draft measurement framework.               

We will also prove to ourselves that measurement can be fun!

To join us please use code: SPONSOR_JICMAIL30 - for a 30% discount off the main registration fee.

Date: 12th October 2023

Venue: Convene, 22 Bishopsgate, London

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