Widespread support from across the industry



Chris Combemale, Chair of the JICMAIL board and CEO of DMA Group

“It is truly heartening to see the data being made available to every company, large and small, who use mail to communicate with customers. This will enable more efficient planning, better decisions and improved customer experience to power up economic recovery for companies across the UK.”



Phil Smith - ISBA Director General

“ISBA are fully behind this funding transformation for JICMAIL at this crucial time in our economy. Improving data standards on a cross industry basis with transparency on costs through the supply chain are key priorities for our members. Innovation in funding approaches for core industry data such as with the JICMAIL Levy, which will dramatically expand gold standard data across the industry, is welcomed. We look forward to the growing impact this will have on the value of advertisers investment in the mail channel.”


Belinda Beeftink, Research Director of IPA and member of the JICMAIL board

“The IPA believes this innovative change to the funding model will provide sustainability for this important JIC whilst opening up access for all agencies across disciplines and across the country, to take JICMAIL into their planning and data ecosystems, transforming their ability to identify the value of the mail channel for their clients based on gold standard audience research data.

Integrating JICMAIL data into the IPA TouchPoints Channel Planner has already widened the capability for holistic multi-channel campaign planning based on industry gold standard data and we encourage any member without access, to now get accredited for JICMAIL data to further build value for their clients in 2021.”


Mike Colling Founder, The Kite Factory and JICMAIL board member

“In an era of fake news and dodgy data the gold standard of JIC data, with independent oversight and governance, has never been more important. It is truly heartening to see the youngest JIC both thriving, and trailblazing a new, fair, equitable and transparent funding model that may well prove to be a way to future proof its older cousins”



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