Declining trust, declining authority of government, who we trust and our trust in media sources: these issues are shaping society both in the UK and globally as revealed by the Edelman Trust Barometer.

This is particularly key for political parties and their stakeholders in a year of elections, culminating in a UK general election coming sometime soon!

We are delighted to have Jay Gallagher, Chief Strategy Officer of Edelman as our keynote to lead us through these issues of trust in our upcoming webinar, "From Letterbox to Ballot Box".

As well as diving into trust drivers in this age of mis-information, we'll explore the enduring power of Direct Mail and Door Drops for effective campaigning by political parties, revealing which party is winning when it comes to engagement, attention and interactions with their mail.

We also explore the campaigning lessons to be learned from previous experience and from other markets such as the US, bringing the issues together in an expert panel discussion with audience Q&A.

Speakers are:

  • Jay Gallagher, Chief Strategy Officer, Edelman London
  • Peter van Laar, Research Manager, JICMAIL
  • Amanda, Griffiths, Head of Planning & Insight, Marketreach

Watch the webinar recording and discover:

  • Data-driven insights into voter behaviour and preferred communication methods.
  • What actions your Direct Mail and Door Drops deliver in the voter’s home.
  • How to leverage Direct Mail for maximum impact throughout your campaign.
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The State of Trust in the UK - The Edelman Trust Barometer 2024

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Why Mail Remains Important for the General Election

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Political Party Mail

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