"Evidence based storytelling is a foundational part of our philosophy at the7stars.  We’re thrilled to be a JICMAIL platinum partner, and our accreditation is another demonstration of our commitment to putting data and insight at the heart of our planning and activation process.  JICMAIL is a valuable part of our impartial toolkit, providing insights that help to inspire exceptional work and deliver competitive advantage for clients of the7stars."

 Helen Rose, Managing Partner, the7Stars

Gecko Direct Ltd

"The Gecko team are absolutely overjoyed to be awarded JICMAIL Platinum Partner status. The insights we apply from JICMAIL have become such an integral part of our sales process and holistic approach with clients. Direct Mail is in our DNA at Gecko, and as a Platinum Partner alongside JICMAIL, we will continue to discover and develop, best in class solutions that support more meaningful conversations between our clients and their target audiences."

Chris Bottomley, Managing Director, Gecko Direct Ltd

Smart Distribution

“SDS are delighted to have been awarded Platinum Partner status by JICMAIL. We have taken the time to carefully integrate JICMAIL into our process and believe the comprehensive and meaningful data has enhanced our ability to provide actionable insight and appropriate delivery channel selection to every client campaign. JICMAIL has provided a great tool to help move our industry forward.”

Phil Morrison, Client Services Director, Smart Distribution


“We are delighted to have achieved JICMAIL Platinum Partner status. JICMAIL insights form a key part of our sales consultancy strategy. The data and insights available through the platform provide real substance to our pitches and proposals. Combine that with the ability to provide real world evidence of the effectiveness of mail, it is invaluable for both us and our clients – especially those who are new to the channel.”

Gareth Stringer, Sales Director, Mailbird Organisation Ltd

Eight Days a Week Print Solutions

“We are thrilled to receive this award! JICMAIL is now integrated into so many of our client interactions and engagement, which fits hand in hand with the Eight Days A Week Print Solutions philosophy of above and beyond customer service. JICMAIL enables us to be a lot more than just a printer, or mail producer, it is the currency we use, along with other supporting insight to continually promote the channel of mail and its benefits to deliver campaigns that prove the value of the data from JICMAIL.” 

Lance Hill, Managing Director, Eight Days a Week Print Solutions

Join the Dots

"It is an honour to receive the Platinum award as recognition of our use of JICMAIL here at Join the Dots. JICMAIL has become an integral planning and analysis tool for the Connected Acquisition team, and something our clients could also no longer be without! The insight that we get from JICMAIL is unrivalled, giving us real life data to make more meaningful and effective campaigns."

Sarah Burns, Head of Media Solutions, Join the Dots

Whistl Doordrop Media

"Whistl is simply over the moon to be awarded Platinum status by JICMAIL, an affirmation of the way the team has embedded it into our business. More and more of our conversations are starting with the insights delivered by JICMAIL, particularly with the heightened engagement in consumer behaviour witnessed over the last two years and we quite frankly couldn’t be without it nowadays."

Mark Davies, Managing Director, Whistl (Doordrop Media) Ltd


"The foundations of Marketreach are deeply rooted in promoting the magic of mail and we are delighted to have been awarded Platinum Accreditation in JICMAIL’s inaugural awards. We are very proud to have been involved in the journey with JICMAIL to bring leading and impartial insights to the marketing industry, helping to enable better communication planning and to support brands realise greater benefits from using mail."

Phil Ricketts, Wholesale Commercial Director, Royal Mail Marketreach


The Dragonfly Agency

"We are both excited and honoured to be awarded the JICMAIL platinum award. It’s a huge USP for our agency – adding JICMAIL insight into the conversations we have with our clients adds great gravitas. We are passionate about the power direct mail has within the marketing mix and to quantify its benefits through JICMAIL helps us keep clients engaged and committed to the channel. We look forward to displaying our certificate with pride and to helping more brands use JICMAIL to grow their direct marketing campaigns."

Isla Munro, Managing Director, The Dragonfly Agency

Citipost Mail


"We are absolutely delighted to achieve JICMAIL Platinum status. I am proud that our client-facing teams have adopted the Discovery tool so quickly and have used it to benefit so many clients already. JICMAIL has become an intrinsic element of our specialist client service and supports our vision to become the recognised custodian of direct mail letters in the UK."

Lesley Yeomans, Deputy Managing Director, Citipost Mail

The Lettershop Group

"Lettershop are delighted to have achieved JICMAIL Platinum Partner status. JICMAIL is fundamental to the success of mail and door drops and allows the results to be compared on a like for like basis with other media channels. The new discovery tools allow competitor comparisons and insights into how campaigns are likely to perform. JICMAIL allows the team at Lettershop to work smarter with clients and help them improve the performance of their campaigns by recommending content, targeting and format advice all based on historical data."

Alistair Ezzy, Managing Director, The Lettershop Group


PSE Offline Marketing

"We’re delighted that PSE has been awarded as a Platinum partner through JICMAIL Accreditation. The JICMAIL (Joint Industry Committee for Mail) Policy is designed to ensure that all users gain the maximum benefits from data under the new JICMAIL Levy, which came into effect this year. The Platinum Organisational Accreditation is only reviewed and evaluated twice a year, and it means we have been recognised for demonstrating exemplary use in our application and advocacy of JICMAIL data. This further proves how we always go above and beyond to deliver offline marketing, which ensures our customers retain and grow their businesses."

Phil Newton, Chairman, PSE Offline Marketing

The Kite Factory

"JICMAIL has handed the industry a universal currency for mail, allowing planning and measurement of commercial mail to be bought in line with the other media channels which have had the luxury of uniform measurement for years. At The Kite Factory we are increasingly using JICMAIL data to give our clients the competitive edge when it comes to campaign planning and analysis, and very quickly they have started to see the commercial benefits from the inclusion of JICMAIL data."

Hamish Colville, Account Director, The Kite Factory

The Letterbox Consultancy

"The Letterbox Consultancy is absolutely delighted to receive platinum accreditation from JICMAIL. The data has given a tremendous boost to the door drop channel and we are proud to have fully integrated it into our internal data systems, enabling us to provide clients and agencies with the very best in door drop planning services."

Neal Dodd, Director, The Letterbox Consultancy


"JICMAIL has been instrumental in helping Webmart to portray the value of Mail to our customers. Central to that has been educating a significant number of our team in the value of JICMAIL and how to use it. To achieve platinum status as a business brings all that training together to show us and our customers that we’ve embraced it and understand it, which in turn adds value to us and our customers."

Tom Oldershaw, Customer Growth Director, Webmart Ltd