Watch again JICMAIL's panel session at Mediatel's The Future of Brands 2022: 'Closing the gap: Is 'offline' the missing piece in full effect measurement jigsaw?'

A culture of best practice evaluation and measurement is now a core competency for brands and their agencies in a complex world. It is essential to design fit-for-purpose measurement frameworks that account for full exposure measurement and capture the critical influences and full effects across online and offline channels.

In this session, experts in measurement explore what good looks like currently for this capability and push into the challenging areas, looking for direction on how best to close the gaps that exist and highlight the practical steps we can take to continuously improve performance in 2022.

  • What are the right methodologies and tools for the job, and how can marketers put best practice thinking to the test in their organisations?
  • How are the digital effects of offline channels, such as direct mail, being accounted for in such frameworks?
  • Is there a ‘blind-spot’ around the fit of offline channels in the multi-media mix for brands, and how can this be closed?

Speakers: Julia Belyaeva, Media Strategy Lead, Sky; George Gloyn, Head of Business Analysis, Systems Intelligence, MediaCom; chaired by Ian Gibbs, Director of Data Leadership and Learning, JICMAIL 

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