JICMAIL is not for profit, owned by the industry and provides gold standard data and insight that helps all industry interests better plan, implement, and evaluate their mail campaigns, growing value for their businesses. This new JICMAIL Accreditation Policy comes from this mission and purpose and is designed to ensure that all users gain the maximum benefits from this data under the new JICMAIL Levy coming into effect in 2021.

With the voluntary levy in place, the data access will be free to use for all companies in the UK. This will democratise the availability of our data benefiting every user of advertising mail in the country, giving them access to the core industry data and insight for better business decisions and ultimately, improved return on investment. SMEs will particularly benefit, supporting their growth and recovery through more effective campaign planning.

JICMAIL has a duty to also support the industry practice and standards of JICMAIL usage ensuring that ‘gold standards’ are maintained including with new audiences engaging with the data for the first time. This accreditation policy is our means for this assurance to our stakeholders and industry.

Firstly, it is worth noting the multiple benefits for users in applying JICMAIL data for maximising the value the mail channel creates for their businesses.

For advertisers, JICMAIL enables:

  • you to understand what happens to your mail in the homes of the customers and prospects you send it to
  • you to understand how to improve the results you generate from your investments in the mail channel
  • mail data to fit into your data ecosystem with tools that help you and your partners extract the most value from mail across your planning cycle
  • a common and accepted planning currency, which under the levy, opens up data access across the industry at just a fraction of a penny contribution per item

For agencies and intermediaries there are equivalent benefits across each stage of the planning and selling process such as;

  • by using the core currency data from JICMAIL to bring the third largest media channel into the channel and campaign planning capability of media agencies
  • delivering insights for integrated agencies on how audiences interact with mail on their journey to client outcomes
  • providing the same powerful comparative insights on mail for sales practitioners as against other media channels such as broadcast television and radio, press and digital media

All advertisers will be able to access the data directly or through their agencies and all subscribers will need to register and be accredited by JICMAIL. Agencies and intermediaries will need to be accredited to become an approved user for their clients and required to attain a competency level in using JICMAIL data.

All existing subscribers need to be registered with JICMAIL for accreditation and will then be granted temporary accreditation across 2021 which will be subject to confirmation before the year end.

The accreditation process will be supported with training modules provided by JICMAIL to achieve the standard and will be subject to annual review.

JICMAIL will publish a list of accredited users on its website and this will be updated every quarter.

What is JICMAIL accreditation?

JICMAIL accreditation provides an important signal that an individual or an organisation has access to JICMAIL data and in addition, has a degree of proficiency in deploying that data in pitching, planning or measuring the effectiveness of mail.

When will the new JICMAIL accreditation program become active?

The new accreditation program has now launched and will be a mandatory requirement for all subscribers from April 2021. The accreditation status of organisations will be reviewed annually to ensure a level of JICMAIL proficiency is maintained.

How do you become JICMAIL accredited?

Individual Certification is an important consideration within the accreditation process and is awarded to JICMAIL users who have undertaken and completed three tiers of training tasks set by the JICMAIL: ranging from Bronze for demonstrating basic proficiency with the data, to Silver for intermediate users, to Gold for expert users.

Basic Organisational Accreditation is awarded to businesses who have signed and returned JICMAIL’s data agreement and embarked on an agreed journey of user adoption with JICMAIL as set out in an adoption plan. For agencies, intermediaries and sell-side organisations agreement with and adherence to an adoption plan is mandatory for the receipt of basic organisational accreditation. An adoption plan is a simple templated statement of the JICMAIL training requirement over the 12-month period for the organisation, including the key actions required for accreditation.

Failure to achieve basic organisational accreditation within the agreed timeframe will result in JICMAIL access being revoked.

For advertisers, adherence to an adoption plan is recommended but not mandatory. In other words, advertisers can become JICMAIL accredited by simply returning the signed data agreement, thereby activating their access to the data. In so doing, they can nominate their approved agencies and intermediaries to access the data on their behalf, conditional upon that agency or intermediary being accredited by JICMAIL.

Platinum Organisational Accreditation is awarded to businesses who have demonstrated a level of proficiency with JICMAIL beyond its basic application. Details for Platinum Accreditation

What will the status of current JICMAIL subscribers be once the new accreditation program is activated?

All current subscribers to JICMAIL will be automatically assigned basic organisational accreditation once the new accreditation program is available. After twelve months, existing subscribers will be treated the same as new subscribers and will have to agree and adhere to an ongoing annual adoption plan to maintain basic accreditation.

Current subscribers must go through the same process as new subscribers in order to achieve Platinum Organisational Accreditation.

Individuals in current subscriber organisations will not however, be automatically awarded any level of individual certification, and must continue to work through their Bronze, Silver and Gold tasks if they wish to achieve these levels of JICMAIL proficiency.

All subscribers will need to be registered at JICMAIL for accreditation and be accredited annually to maintain access.

Example Adoption Plan

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