We have shown across the above five areas how JICMAIL data and insight will improve your mail campaign performance and we suggest that the inclusion of JICMAIL data offers key supporting rationale and metrics for use within service agreements. The above is provided as stimulus for specific tailoring for your needs within each of these areas, across understanding the impact and use of mail with your customers, offering new benchmarks against industry and competitor performance, showing the efficiency of mail versus other channels, how it drives commercial actions, and providing new opportunities to improve performance through a structured testing approach.

As an industry owned currency for the planning and evaluation of mail campaigns we recommend application across all relevant areas to provide the best demonstration of accountability and value for money from mail expenditures. Using JICMAIL to support quality and efficiency assessments within procurements and within internal business cases are prime examples of such applications offering them new standards.

There is also support and guidance available for advanced applications to capture the full marketing effectiveness from mail, including a best practice toolkit for incorporating JICMAIL data into existing models/econometric analysis.

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