JICMAIL together with Kantar have developed a diary-based mobile app that is used by panellists to capture mail activity in the household. The methodology developed has won awards from and been highly commended by the Market Research Society (MRS) and the Media Research Group (MRG).

The panel is composed of 1,000 nationally representative households who use the diary based app to capture the actions taken with ad mail of everyone living in the household. The panel is divided into four groups of 250 households, and each of the four groups is assigned a week in the month to track all mail that they receive. The Household Co-ordinator in each household takes a photo of each ad mail item (i.e. a piece of Direct Mail, Business Mail, Partially Addressed Mail or Door Drop)) and records how it is interacted with, by whom, and when – over the course of a twenty-eight day period. More questions about the Panel are answered here

Please follow the link below for a video explanation of the JICMAIL methodology:


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