JICMAIL helps you benchmark Mail campaign performance

This means

  • You can demonstrate the full audience and item delivery against industry accepted gold standard metrics for all your campaigns and those of your competitors

For example, you can access key mail performance metrics and audience profile information for larger mailers and compare this with the activity of their competitors. This provides a comparison for how mail items are opened, read, interacted with, and shared over time, along with a whole host of commercial actions to provide accepted benchmarks of performance to inform and improve campaign plans.

Below we have used the example of comparing ‘Attention’. This is the average time the JICMAIL panel spends with the advertiser’s mail items over 28 days.

  • Use ROI (Return on Investment) tool to predict ROI for the campaign using full campaign delivery based on JICMAIL.

The ROI Calculator shows the relative difference in calculating ROI using mail-volume based non-JIC data, and ROI using broader buying behaviour figures measured by JICMAIL – campaign effects which are typically excluded from traditional attribution models. Evaluations across campaign delivery can now be made using these fuller measures and included into standard service agreements and campaign reporting requirements.

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