JICMAIL data enables users to understand what happens to mail after it is delivered in peoples’ homes.

This means

  • Using data and insight from industry accepted (JIC) methodology that quantifies the interactions of mail across a 28-day period post-delivery in the home drawing upon the biggest capture of mail anywhere in the world.

For example, Supermarket Direct Mail items have a reach of 1.15, which means 15% more people will see the mail item than just the individual it is sent to. They have a frequency of 4.8, which means they are interacted with or returned to 4.8 times across the 28-day period. Combining these figures gives the campaign impacts figure, which is the total number of times the item is seen and interacted with. For 100,000 items, the total campaign impacts are 554,387, over 5 times that of the number of items mailed.

Additionally, these items are also in the home for just over 10 days providing multiple opportunities for brand building, engagement, and response.

JICMAIL data also shows the predicted commercial actions driven by mail. Out of the 554,387 campaign impacts, 54% of those impacts will deliver a commercial action, including both digital and purchase-related actions.

JICMAIL Campaign Calculator showing Supermarket DM

  • Showing patterns of interactions for relevant mail journeys over the course of 28 days. Core metrics of open and read / reach, frequency, and lifespan.

For example, JICMAIL data will show the calendar view of actions taken by a specific panellist with a specific mail item. In the diagram below, we can see the item has been shared with another member of the household. It also shows the physical actions (blue) and commercial actions (green). We can see the mail item has driven a visit to the sender's website, planning of a large purchase and use of a voucher code.

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