Oddbox had discovered through an over-reliance on paid digital advertising and diminishing returns from the self-fulfilling algorithms of paid social, that they needed to unlock new acquisition channels. Particularly as tighter digital regulation and a privacy-first approach was bringing less volume digitally. 

JICMAIL’s ACT Tool (created by The Kite Factory and Royal Mail Marketreach) provided a further invaluable perspective on the digital planning dilemma. Once average viewability rates are taken into account, advertisers essentially get less than what they pay for in digital, with both digital display and social display proving to be 67% more expensive on a CPM basis. With Door Drops however, the opposite is true. With high frequency of interaction, Door Drops generate three times as many impressions versus items delivered. Advertisers get more than they pay for, with 64% cost efficiency recorded.

Download the Use Case to see how Oddbox and Whistl used JICMAIL to understand the value that would be delivered using Door Drops and how a Test and Learn approach allowed Oddbox to increase response rates by a huge 27%.

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Using JICMAIL helped Oddbox increase Door Drop response by 27%

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