The Royal Mail MarketReach team have created three introductory online training modules in conjunction with the IDM. This is for planning teams who would like to learn more about the mail channel. The Advertising Mail online training modules are free and open to all.

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Course Details

There are three online training modules:


Why use mail and how to plan it

Online - 40 mins

Why use Door Drop and how to plan it

Online - 30 mins

Creativity and innovation in mail

Online - 30 mins


These modules cover:

  • What is the state of mail in the UK and is it still relevant?
  • Why mail is different and how you need to realise those differences strategically.
  • How consumers interact with direct mail and the latest thinking from JICMAIL.
  • Where does mail work in the customer journey?
  • What you need to know about targeting and key metrics to help plan mail.
  • What is the role of door drops in the media landscape.
  • What are the key metrics for door drops.
  • Where door drops work in the customer journey.
  • The fundamentals of planning door drops.
  • How mail achieves cut through.
  • What is different about mail.
  • What is a typical approach and plan.
  • What is a banker pack and how does it work.
  • What’s new and innovative in mail.


Format: Online - 1 hour, 40 minutes


Our commitment is to support their adoption of JICMAIL at every step of the way with this full training offer. Training on JICMAIL for those on the IPA CPD programme can count towards CPD hours.

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