There is plenty to look forward to from JICMAIL over the forthcoming months through a busy range of product enhancements.

Media scheduling tools

This feature will enable you to input mail campaigns for different target audiences and at different campaign volumes to determine reach, frequency, impacts and GRPs.

IPA TouchPoints integration

For the first time, integration with this industry-standard channel planning tool will enable you to calculate combined reach and frequency for multi-channel campaigns including advertising mail.

TGI integration

Integration with TGI, enables you to combine JICMAIL data with the standard variables in TGI, eg brand consumers and attitudinal segments.

JICMAIL econometrics

We will publish guidance on how JICMAIL data can be best integrated into econometric modelling.

Advertising mail case example database

In development is a searchable database to access qualitative mail example data for specific advertiser clients and categories.

Circulation data

The publication of accurate circulation data will enable for the first time meaningful competitive analysis across the direct mail and door drop markets.



Have you accessed your JICMAIL data yet?

Already over 25 subscribers are using JICMAIL data.

A free subscription period to JICMAIL data is available for advertisers and their agencies. All you need to do is sign a data agreement. Access to JICMAIL data is free to new subscribers until 31st March 2019. Access to the data is via standard industry planning software: Telmar, Nielsen IMS and Kantar Choices or by using data tables supplied.

Please speak to for more information.



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