Access JICMAIL data - for free

JICMAIL lets you assess with more accuracy than ever before how often people open, read and interact with mail and how it drives commercial actions. Reach and frequency metrics are the building blocks of campaign planning and for the first time you can now include these measures to prove the true value of direct mail and door drops.

In addition to audience and item gold standard JIC datasets, it also captures what commercial actions happen across the same month so you can explore new relationships across your own customer journeys. The data has value for all planners across the industry sectors and is accessed via standard planning tools and systems, such as Telmar, Nielsen IMS and KantarChoices or we’ve created user-friendly excel tables for you to run your own analysis.

Over 25 subscribers across buy and sell side of the industry are already using JICMAIL including 7 of the largest top 10 media agencies and there is a range of free training and support provided for all subscribers. We are here to support you across your own journey with JICMAIL and there is free access to the data for a limited period.

All you need to do is sign a data agreement. Access to JICMAIL data is free to new subscribers until 31st March 2019.

To access your free trial of JICMAIL data, please contact


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