Some of the actions that occur as a result of receiving a mailing or door drop are not directly inked to the consumer physically having the pack in their hand, for example, when they go in-store.

In order to capture the complete journey for mail the panelists are asked to go on and record what commercial activity resulted from them receiving their mail, such as “going online”, “going in-store” or “phoning the sender” and so on.

These commercial actions are not included in the core reach and frequency data for JICMAIL as going "in-store" is not taken as a proxy for physically having the mailing pack or door drop.  

But we can see that of the 21% of addressed mail that prompts a commercial action.  For example 10.7% of people discuss the mailing piece with someone else in the household.

Also notable are the 5.6% of items which prompt people to look up their account details.

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How mail drives commercial actions

For a complete view of the additional commercial actions consumers record against addressed mail and door drop download this deck.

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