Business mail commands higher engagement than addressed mail and door drop. Our diary and data reporting focuses on advertising mail but consumers capture their activity with bills and statements, notifications and reminders and we report on it here.

Business mail is any item from any sector but through its contents is classified as business mail.  This includes the following items:

  • Financial statement/bill/update
  • Loyalty reward statement
  • News/update/magazine articles
  • Notification/reminder
  • Administrative information (e.g. account details)
  • Appointment related information
  • Women are more likely to be exposed to business mail.

Some key highlights for business mail are:

  • Frequency of exposure to business mail is broadly consistent between the ages of 35 and above 55 but it is lower for those under 35.
  • The pattern for frequency within social grades is pretty consistent with those in C2, DE social grades showing slightly higher frequency than ABC1’s.
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How individuals consume business mail

To see how individuals are interacting with all types of business mail download this guide.

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