JICMAIL Essentials is the new entry-level data tool designed to appeal to users who require quick and light-touch data to support their campaign planning efforts. 

Watch our short video on How to Use JICMAIL Essentials.


 JICMAIL Essentials provides:

 Easy to use campaign metrics

  • Simplified cross media comparisons
  • Samples of mail journeys including top creatives
  • Test and learn ideas and benchmarks

JICMAIL Essentials offers a first step into using JICMAIL for any user. It is open access and does not require certification to access the data, just a sign in with an email address and start planning. It is a great tool for brands new to mail or for use by mail producers to demonstrate the value that mail campaigns could deliver for potential customers. Use JICMAIL Essentials to find out how many customers will see and interact with your mail campaign, how much of your campaign will drive commercial actions and how long your mail item will stay in the home. Search by sector, mail type, audience, and primary commercial objective.

JICMAIL Essentials is a gateway to full JICMAIL access, broadening the JICMAIL SME user base and acting as a strong demonstration of the benefits for all levy payers by extending the visibility of our content and data in the wider market. The next step of full data access via JICMAIL Discovery is also available for more in-depth planning, measurement and competitive insight through signing a data agreement and agreeing an Adoption Plan.

Access JICMAIL Essentials here

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