Putting mail alongside other major media. Advertising mail is the third biggest channel in the UK, but is alone in not having a recognised audience measurement system. That changes with the launch of JICMAIL – the new Joint Industry Committee for Mail.

JICMAIL is gathering new data for mail, producing metrics relating to its reach and frequency that sit alongside those for all other major channels. This means for the first time, mail can be planned in the context of, and in head-to-head comparison with, other media.

Our funders are the key ‘joint industry’ partners of Royal Mail and Whistl, with advertisers and agencies represented by ISBA, the IPA and the DMA.

Our board is made up of members of those partner organisations, supported by a specialist Technical Committee helping to determine how research is constructed and data collected.

That data is gathered by Kantar TNS on behalf of JICMAIL, then provided to the industry to help in their planning of mail as a channel.

Our mission is to ensure that the audience measurement data provided, is of the highest quality.

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