The summary rate card below sets out the fees for companies by which they may access the JICMAIL mail audience measurement data.

The service to which the rate card relates is for access to the reporting of audience data and item data for advertising mail and door drops and typically, includes access to JICMAIL Discovery and the searchable Mail Item Database as part of this subscription.

For, agencies, media owners and all other third parties, access relates to the measurement data, which may be obtained via either data tables in various formats supplied directly or through independent software bureaux that are licensed to offer the service. The cost of such software services is not included in the rate card and is a matter for discussion between the parties concerned.

Any company wishing to become a user of JICMAIL’s data will need to sign a data subscription licence agreement with JICMAIL. The licence agreement outlines the terms, rights and limits of use of the audience and item research data.

For existing subscribers existing terms apply.

For new Advertiser and Agency subscribers the initial access to the data will be free of charge for six months and thereafter, annual charges for the data licence will apply.

For all other categories of subscribers, the annual charges for new subscribers will apply immediately.

In summary, the annual charges by category are:

Subscriber Categories Annual charges

Integrated/DM Agencies;

Media Agencies;

Other Agencies;

Annual licence fixed fee of £5,000 for up to £2m of qualifying billings under influence of JICMAIL. Above this level a levy of 0.25% will be applied to a declared client DM/Door Drops billings under the influence JICMAIL, i.e. only to the specific billings planned or bought by the subscriber.

This qualifying formula will only apply to the net postal delivery costs. The qualifying billings will be subject to audit and will be applied retrospectively to calendar year billings.

The first levy for subscribers will vary according to timing of the agreement for example, for licences taken out from 1st April 2019 the levy will be applied from 1st January 2020 and to qualifying billings from 1st April 2019 – 31st December 2019.

For ISBA/IPA/DMA Advertiser & Agency members a 50% discount will be applied to both the annual fee and to the levy on qualifying billings. 

Advertisers Same pricing as above.
Mailing Agents Mailing agents will be subject to a fixed fee only option or a mail example database only option. Details to follow.  

Media Owners/Access Operators and other Sell-Side operators

The full annual licence fees for Sell-Side operators are:

Relative Operator position

Door to Door











A 50% discount will be applied to the annual licence fee for Sell-Side operators across the categories for ISBA/IPA/DMA members. 

Management consultancies (non-auditors) companies A fixed annual fee of £25,000 + VAT 
Media Auditors

For companies with a turnover of less than £1m, the annual fixed fee would be £10,000 + VAT

For companies with a turnover of more than £1m, the annual fixed fee would be £25,000 + VAT

All other non-research/non-advertising mail agencies/bodies not in the above categories including public sector and regulatory bodies.

A fixed annual fee of £25,000 + VAT 
Other 3rd party uses including research companies Subject to additional data licence terms


This rate card is subject to periodic revision as approved by the JICMAIL board.

For more information please contact Mark Cross, Engagement Director on



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